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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Nick Rebman, Editor

Summer may be over, but that’s good news for sports fans. It means football season has finally arrived! As the NFL’s 32 teams battle it out to decide who will be crowned Super Bowl champion, young readers can learn more about their favorite teams with NFL All-Time Greats. This 32-book series covers every team in the league. It’s the perfect way for football fans to get an inside look at each team’s biggest stars, from the early days all the way up to the present.

This action-packed series features vivid photos along with exciting text that focuses on each player’s greatest achievements. For the stat-heads out there, each book also includes “Stat Spotlights” that highlight some of the team’s most impressive records. In addition, a timeline helps readers visualize the different eras in which the athletes played.

Will the legendary Tom Brady lead Tampa Bay to a second-straight Super Bowl in the 2021 season? Will Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs return to glory? Or will another team claim the Lombardi Trophy? As the season unfolds, sports fans can delve into the exciting history of the league with NFL All-Time Greats.

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